The Relay Course – Running the same course as the half marathon (see map), the team relay consists of 2 participants per team with each running either the 1st or 2nd half of the course (roughly 6.75 miles for the first leg, and 6.37 miles for the second leg). The relay will run concurrent with the half marathon.

Bib Numbers – Each relay team will be issued two team bibs with one team number (i.e. two bibs with bib number 1001).  Team members will pass a wrist slap bracelet from one team member to the next which constitutes the exchange.  Be sure bib #’s are clearly visible on the front or your shirt.

Bus to/from CMCC/Relay Exchange: The Half Marathon Relay bus will be leaving the CMCC parking lot after the start of the Half Marathon and before the start of the 5K. Also, the bus will NOT head back to CMCC from the relay hand-off point until ALL first leg relay runners are finished.

As you might imagine, the exchange area will be highly congested with runners, spectators, and general race equipment so please plan to arrive with plenty of time to spare and carpool where possible.

Click here for Google Maps View of Transition Area Holbrook Rd and N Auburn Rd

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