The order of events for the awards ceremony will be as follows:

  1. 5K Awards
  2. Corporate Award
  3. 2-Person Half Marathon Relay
  4. ½ Marathon Awards

Through our partnership with Central Maine Community College and many other local businesses, we are excited to share in your post-race celebration with you! Using apples from Wallingford’s Orchard and ice cream from Fielder’s Choice, the culinary arts students at Central Maine Community College will prepare a scrumptious post-race apple crisp for you to indulge in.

Post-race massage therapy will be provided by Central Maine Conditioning Clinic, to help relax your tired muscles. Runners have long known that a good massage can boost their recovery after a tough race or hard workout. Besides the obvious “it hurts so good,” massages can also reduce pre and post-race stress.

Go ahead, let yourself get pampered…you’ve earned it!

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