Nutrition: Proper nutrition, whether it be during your training or leading up to a race is an important part of good health and successful race outcomes. Runners World offers some good ideas as to how to best fuel for race day:

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For more information regarding guidance in nutrition planning, gait analysis, personal training, injury management/prevention, V02 testing, proper stretching techniques etc.
Recovery: Have you ever asked yourself, my run/race is over, now what should I do? Walk around…Don’t sit down after the race, walk around. Keep the blood flowing by walking around for around 10 to 15 minutes post-race; then proceed to spend that same amount of time stretching. Stopping too soon after a long run might cause fainting or leg cramps, which can damage your muscle tissue.

Post-Race Stretching: offers some post-race dynamic stretching, Click here to watch the video.

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