Central Maine Conditioning Clinic (CMCC) has been successfully training individuals of all ability levels for over 30 years. At CMCC, we are dedicated to helping others improve their health and overall wellbeing by providing the tools and resources to become successful with their health and fitness goals. With our innovative knowledge and successful reputation we are confident that we will provide you with the optimal care and training to fit your health and fitness needs. Along with personal training appointments, CMCC also runs the Tuesday Night Running Club through its affiliate location, the Mustang Fitness Center located at Central Maine Community College. The Tuesday Night Running Club draws runners of all fitness levels from local communities to run and develop together within a fun and supportive atmosphere.

Further detailed services offered by CMCC include but are not limited to:

  • Nutrition Planning
  • Injury Evaluation and Treatment
  • Gait Analysis and Footwear Recommendations
  • Personal Training
  • V02 and Lactate Testing
  • Proper Stretching Techniques
  • Motivational Coaching

For more information regarding these services, please visit the CMCC website by clicking here or contact them directly at 207-783-0018.

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